AWS Truepower Establishes Local Presence In Mexico City

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14333_thinkstockphotos-157100380 AWS Truepower Establishes Local Presence In Mexico City AWS Truepower will open an office in Mexico City to better accommodate the Mexican renewable energy market and enhance service for clients.

According to AWS, Jorge Luis Ochoa will lead the new office, which will employ engineering, meteorological and project management staff. The company will continue to provide consulting and advisory services, such as resource and energy assessments, engineering services, due diligence, energy forecasting, grid integration studies, operational assessments, and deliver data and software solutions.

Demand for renewable energy is growing rapidly in Mexico, as growth in energy demand outpaces economic expansion. According to the Mexican Wind Energy Association, by the end of 2020, the country could have more than 12 GW of new wind capacity and more than 5 GW of new PV installations, accounting for 5% of total generation. In total, the country is estimated to have more than 50 GW of wind potential, creating a very favorable market for new wind development.

AWS Truepower is no stranger to the Mexico market. In fact, the service provider claims to have worked on more than 50% of projects in development, financing or construction phases, and the local office will help to expand their presence in the country.

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