Acciona Building 424 MW Mexico Wind Project For Zuma Energia

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Acciona has been commissioned by Mexican energy company Zuma Energia to build a 424 MW wind farm in Reynosa, located in the state of Tamaulipas in northeastern Mexico.

According to Acciona, the project, worth approximately $600 million, is part of the capacity awarded in Mexico’s second long-term electricity auction, held by the government’s Secretariat of Energy and National Energy Control Centre in September. In the auction, Zuma Energia was awarded a total of 725 MW of renewable energy capacity, 424 MW of which will be covered with the Reynosa wind farm.

Acciona will build the foundations for 123 wind generators, each with a capacity of 3.45 MW to 3.6 MW, on 120-meter towers, as well as roads and accesses. It will also install the medium-voltage (34.5 kV) network for the entire wind farm, the 400 kV high-voltage network with three substations (two step-up transformers and one for interconnection), and 40 kilometers of double-circuit lines.

“This is a major achievement for Zuma: In just three years, it has established a pipeline of 800 MW, secured funding for its largest project and positioned itself as the leading Mexican company in the country’s renewable energy industry,” says Adrián Katzew, CEO of Zuma Energia. “This is also solid evidence of the transformation of Mexico’s energy industry, where renewable energy is growing in importance in both economic and environmental terms.”

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