AAER Completes Wind Turbine Installation In R.I.

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Montreal-based AAER Inc. has completed the installation of its A-1500 wind turbine in Portsmouth, R.I. The wind turbine has also begun generating electricity.

‘Together with the AAER turbine recently erected at the U.S. Marine Corp. Logistics Base in Barstow, Calif., this turbine gives us a visible presence on both coasts of our largest market,’ says Dave Gagnon, president and CEO of AAER. ‘We believe that the successful installation of these turbines clearly demonstrates the merits of our technology and will act as an important marketing platform as we seek to enhance our sales pipeline in the United States.’

Wind-Smart LLC, a subsidiary of AAER USA, and the town of Portsmouth signed an agreement for the purchase of the 1.5 MW A-1500 wind turbine last year. The project is worth approximately $3.0 million, including construction and start-up costs. In addition, a 10-year contract was signed, with an option to renew, for maintenance of the turbine, according to the company.


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