International Energy Forum Pushes Renewable Energy

Posted by Lauren Tyler on November 10, 2016 No Comments
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The 2016 International Forum on Energy Transitions was held last week in Suzhou, China, to give government officials, scientists and industry leaders an opportunity to exchange views on energy revolution and to forge a collective response to climate change.

The forum was jointly hosted by the National Energy Administration, the International Renewable Energy Agency and Golden Concord Holdings Ltd. (GCL).

As representative of the energy sector, GCL was invited to share its industrial perspective on the prospect of China’s renewable energy. Zhu Gongshan, chairman of GCL, shared statistics indicating that renewable energy was leaning toward a more central position in China’s energy landscape.

Taking place shortly after the Paris Agreement, the forum served as a significant platform for transforming Chinese and even global energy systems in the direction of cleaner, lower-carbon sources.

Specifically, the meetings initiated experience-sharing of energy transition worldwide, along with in-depth discussion on the route-map of China’s energy transition and development, and emphasized that sustainable energy must be cleaner, accessible and affordable for all, which makes renewable energy suppliers a key player in the country’s energy transition.

As the forum’s co-host, GCL says it built a customized “Future Energy Pavilion” to demonstrate the evolution of energy sources in human history, which also includes an immersive smart energy city experience center. The pavilion was later selected as the forum’s permanent venue.

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