100 MW Alberta Wind Farm Passes Environmental Test

Posted by NAW Staff on April 11, 2012 No Comments
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Shear Wind Inc. says it has received environmental approval from Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (ASRD) for the Willowridge Wind Power Project, which will be located south of Fort MacLeod, Alberta, and is expected to have a capacity of 100 MW.

The company has worked extensively on the Willowridge Project for over six years, having completed studies and evaluations indicating that the site could provide up to 400 GWh of renewable energy for the communities of Alberta.

The ASRD approval took into account the environmental reports and studies done by Shear Wind for the Willowridge Project, the proposed turbine locations and the associated mitigation measures presented for the project. The approval included Shear Wind's proposed mitigation strategies, including associated infrastructure and construction plans, and post construction monitoring program.

‘ASRD-FWD has reviewed the proposal (including turbine locations) and is satisfied with the monitoring and mitigation of impacts to wildlife and their associated habitats, including Species at risk,’ the approval report states.

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