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Denmark Seeking Renewable Energy Proposals

The Danish Energy Agency is calling for tenders for the technology-neutral tender in 2021, where solar cell systems, wind turbines, wave energy plants and...

Wind Provides More New Capacity than Natural Gas

Solar, wind and hydropower provided 85.7% of new U.S. electric generating capacity during the first two months of 2020 - notably more than natural...

EIA: Wind Could Soon Beat Hydro As U.S.’ Biggest Renewables Source

As one of the first technologies used to generate electricity, hydroelectric power has historically provided the largest share of renewable electricity generation in the...

Report: U.S. Renewables Upped Their Game In First Three Quarters

Renewable energy sources provided 15.1% of net U.S. electrical generation during the first three quarters of this year, according to nonprofit SUN DAY Campaign,...
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Only 1.2 GW For Offshore Wind? Not In MA’s Latest Energy Bill Proposal

In the most recent version of the state's energy bill, the Massachusetts Senate has laid out a full 2 GW commitment to offshore wind, as opposed to the House's 1.2 GW carve-out.

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