New Initiative Promotes Wind Energy In New York State


New Yorkers for Clean Power (NYCP) and the Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY) have jointly launched a new initiative to support the growth of responsibly sited wind energy projects in Upstate New York.

Called “Friends of Upstate New York Wind,” the website and resource center will provide updated information regarding the benefits of wind power. The aim is increase the amount of operating wind energy in Upstate New York in order to bring jobs and tax payments to communities.

“New Yorkers for Clean Power is thrilled to launch this new educational tool for supporters of clean energy across New York,” says NYCP’s director, Betta Broad. “We have been impressed with the broad support that exists for non-polluting energy across upstate but are concerned by the prevalence of misleading information. We are excited by this effort to share accurate information about the benefits of clean power with our families, friends and neighbors.”

“We want people to know how great wind power can be for Upstate New York,” notes Anne Reynolds, ACE NY’s executive director. “This new portal provides accurate information on wind power and stories about wind farms already operating in New York State. We do not want misleading information about wind energy to cost residents, especially farmers and construction workers, the opportunity to prosper and thrive in the state’s new clean energy economy.”

A number of organizations have signed on to support the initiative, including the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

“Now that New York has passed nation-leading climate legislation, codifying our clean energy goals into law, it’s time to build quality, sustainable, local wind projects,” says Cullen Howe, senior renewable energy advocate at NRDC. “Friends of Upstate NY Wind will serve as a powerhouse of knowledge and provide an essential, but sorely needed, resource to propel us to a clean energy future – facts.”

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