Deep Wind Offshore, Hydepoint Partner on Hydrogen to Wind Production


Deep Wind Offshore has entered a collaboration with Hydepoint to produce hydrogen from offshore wind power, with plans being explored to build export pipelines from Norway, Sweden and Finland to Germany.

The company says offshore hydrogen production from offshore wind will reduce future need for investments in grids, as well as provide a renewable product that can be delivered to demand centers further afield.

Deep Wind Offshore is developing offshore wind parks worldwide, so far with projects in Norway, Sweden, and South Korea. HydePoint is a leading product and technology company specializing in offshore hydrogen production and provides solutions that can integrate hydrogen production with offshore wind parks.

“Hydrogen will be an essential part of the energy mix towards net zero,” says Knut Vassbotn, Deep Wind Offshore CEO. “By producing hydrogen offshore close to the wind farms, the wind farms can be built further out to sea, to avoid conflicted areas and at the same time increase utilization and profitability. This is relevant in several of our current and coming markets, including Sweden. Hydepoint has an exciting technology, and we look forward to exploring opportunities together.”

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