Week Of Action: Groups Say ‘100% Renewable Energy Is 100% Possible’

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Thousands of people across the nation are joining together this week to call for a bold shift to 100% renewable energy in their communities and their institutions.

More than 50 events across the country are being held as part of “100% Committed. 100% Renewable. The Week of Action for Renewable Energy,” a collaboration between The Climate Reality Project, Environment America, the Student PIRGs and other partner companies.

According to the partners, the events are being held to champion renewable energy in the face of President-Elect Donald Trump’s “outdated and dangerous energy platform that could set the climate movement back decades.”

“There are many reasons for hope in the climate fight, and our ability to overcome this crisis does not depend on politics or ideology, but our commitment to each other, the health of the planet, and creating a sustainable future for all,” says former Vice President Al Gore. “Commitments like the ones being made during this Week of Action demonstrate that the momentum of climate action continues our transition to a clean energy economy. I commend these recent victories and look forward to many more as the 100% Committed campaign continues to grow.”

According to the partners, America can reduce the total amount of energy used by improving energy efficiency and tapping the virtually inexhaustible supplies of energy from the wind, the sun and the oceans.

“The good news is that 100 percent renewable energy is 100 percent possible,” says Margie Alt, executive director of Environment America. “The public is with us on renewable energy, and we are excited to work with local, state and national leaders to move America towards a clean and renewable future.”

The partner companies note that cities such as Salt Lake City; Aspen, Colo.; and Park City, Utah, are all committed to 100% renewable electricity.

“Local support for action on the climate crisis is more important now than ever,” says Ken Berlin, president and CEO of The Climate Reality Project. “College campuses, mountain communities, businesses, cities and towns across the country are committing themselves to renewable energy that will lower our emissions and, more importantly, help to build a national movement demanding an end to carbon pollution.”

“We can have healthier communities right now and a livable future for kids growing up today. But to get there, we need to transform the way we produce and consume energy,” says Alt. “That’s why we are calling for a commitment to 100 percent renewable energy.”

Founded by Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President Gore, The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to mobilizing action on climate change, with a global movement of more than 5 million and a grassroots network of trained Climate Reality Leader activists.

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