XZERES Wind Introduces Micro-Generation Utility Model


XZERES Wind Corp., a designer, developer and producer of distributed generation wind power systems up to 100 kW, has launched its Micro-Generation Utility Model. This business model offers residential and commercial customers all of the benefits of owning small wind power systems, while providing the company with a high-margin, recurring revenue stream.

Utilizing this platform, XZERES will sell the energy generated by its wind power systems on site at a discounted price below the local utility rates through power purchase agreements. Designed to eliminate up-front capital costs and other operational barriers, the micro-generation utility model provides customers with renewable energy and serves as a hedge against volatile electricity rates for 20 years, according to the company.

The Micro-Generation Utility Model is available for the XZERES 442 10 kW small wind power system, equivalent marine unit and larger devices, which are planned for future release.

Under the terms of the agreement, XZERES will conduct site assessment, permitting, installation and grid connection, as well as the management and support of the wind power systems.


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