Vestas Celebrates Opening Of Tower Factory In Colorado


Vestas Towers America Inc. has announced the grand opening of its wind tower manufacturing plant in Pueblo, Colo. The facility features nearly 13 million square-feet of space and eight miles of on-site railway tracks for the transport of materials and finished tower components.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar joined regional and local officials at the opening of the facility, which currently employs more than 400 workers and is capable, at peak production, of producing 1,090 towers per year. The event also kicked off Salazar's national renewable energy tour, which spans Colorado, Nevada and California.

‘The steel industry has and will continue to play a large role in Pueblo's identity, but as seen here today, the renewable energy industry is carving its own path into the city and state's history,’ says Salazar.

Vestas Towers America has the ability to process more than 200,000 tons of steel per year. Locating the factory along major highway and railroad lines provides Vestas the ability to meet customers' needs with locally managed logistical efficiencies, which translates directly to cost and environmental benefits, according to the company.

SOURCE: Vestas

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