TREI Encourages 401(k) Renewable Energy Investment


The Renewable Energy Initiative (TREI) has named October National Renewable Energy 401(k) month at the annual International Conference on Energy, Logistics and the Environment, which is being sponsored by the Global Commerce Forum.

TREI, an educational non-profit organization that encourages development of renewable energy, is urging companies across the country to add existing publicly traded renewable energy funds to the 401(k) options for more than 50 million Americans.

‘We can grow the American economy, lower the cost of energy and create a healthy environment by investing in a clean energy future,’ says Ken Beitel, advisory board chair of TREI.

Approximately 89% of Americans support increased wind and other forms of renewable energy production, according to a March Newhouse, Bennett poll. However, less than 1% of 401(k) and IRA plans currently offer the opportunity to invest in renewable energy, according to TREI.

SOURCE: The Renewable Energy Initiative

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