Second Wind Introduces Community Wind Information Service

Second Wind has launched a new program to fuel the growth of community-scale wind power projects. The Community Wind Information Service uses wind measurement technology to provide comprehensive wind resource analyses to individuals and groups considering wind turbines on sites such as farms, industrial facilities, landfills, schools, wastewater treatment plants and community lands.

The service enables community wind developers to decide quickly and cost-effectively whether the wind resource at their site will make a proposed wind power project economically viable, according to Second Wind.

The process begins with Second Wind deploying a Triton sonic wind profiler to conduct a wind measurement campaign. The company then analyzes the Triton data and other wind information sources to produce a wind information report. The report includes detailed wind resource data, energy estimates and capacity factors of turbines that the customer is considering.

The Community Wind Information Service is available to municipalities, private landowners, engineering firms or anyone developing community wind projects. It is cost-optimized for projects with small capital budgets involving small numbers of 1 MW to 2 MW turbines.

SOURCE: Second Wind


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