Sea Breeze Power Releases Study Results


Sea Breeze Power Corp. has released results of a study conducted in collaboration with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) comparing wind energy regimes of the Columbia River Gorge with a wind energy regime located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada.

The conclusions of the study, titled ‘Wind Diversity/Correlation Study – Vancouver Island,’ indicated that for the time period selection of detailed data analysis (measurements were taken every 10 minutes throughout 2007), the average monthly and diurnal wind pattern of the Vancouver Island site was complementary to the Columbia River Gorge region's average annual and diurnal wind pattern. Furthermore, the winter peaking monthly pattern of the Vancouver Island site in 2007 indicated 47% to 66% capacity factors during BPA's top 500 load hours in 2007.

The volume of installed wind energy within the BPA service territory has increased dramatically over the past few years, and PBA Administrator Steve Wright has referred to wind integration as ‘the technical challenge of our times.’

‘Given the increasing size and frequency of wind ramps in the Lower Columbia region, this study provides some very useful insights about the potential benefits of expanding the geographical diversity of wind development in the Pacific Northwest,’ says Elliot Mainzer, executive vice president of corporate strategy at BPA.

Sea Breeze Power has proposed transmission and wind projects in British Columbia.

SOURCE: Sea Breeze Power Corp.

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