Philadelphia Eagles To Power Lincoln Financial Field With Renewable Energy


The Philadelphia Eagles may be one of the leading teams to get to the Super Bowl, but they are also leading the league in sustainability.

That's because the franchise is retrofitting its home stadium to be entirely powered by renewable energy that is generated on site.

The Eagles will use a combination of dual-fuel heat pumps, solar panels, wind turbines that will be installed at Lincoln Financial Field over the next year in a US$30 million joint venture with energy solutions provider Solar Blue. The venture makes the Eagles the first professional sports team to play in an energy self-sufficient stadium.

The system will consist of 80 spiral-shaped wind turbines rimming the top of the stadium, and 2,500 solar panels on the facade. The system will also include a 7.6 MW cogeneration plant along with a ‘smart microgrid’ system to keep everything running at maximum efficiency.

SolarBlue will maintain and operate the stadium's power system for the next 20 years at a fixed annual price increase in electricity, saving the Eagles an estimated $60 million in energy costs.

The Eagles and SolarBlue estimate that over the 20-year horizon, the on-site energy sources at Lincoln Financial Field will provide more than enough to supply the stadium's power needs – enabling an estimated 4 MW of excess energy off-peak to be sold back to the local electric grid.

SOURCES: SolarBlue

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