PennFuture, Other Parties Reach Settlement With Utilities

Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future (PennFuture), a public-interest membership organization, has announced that it and 19 other parties have reached a partial settlement with FirstEnergy and Allegheny Power that will provide $2 million for renewable energy development and conservation programs.

This agreement comes after PennFuture and the other parties intervened before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) regarding the proposed merger of the two companies.

‘In an energy world in turmoil, where oil, gasoline, natural gas and even coal prices are constantly fluctuating, this settlement will help bring stability to Pennsylvania's electricity customers,’ says Jan Jarrett, president and CEO of PennFuture. ‘The new investments PennFuture insisted on will go a long way to insulate customers from coal and oil price spikes by providing clean energy made from the sun and wind and other free fuel sources, and will also allow customers to invest in conservation technologies to cut their bills.’

The settlement was also agreed to by the Office of Consumer Affairs, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, labor unions, other environmental groups and the trial staff of the PUC.

SOURCE: Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future


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