NextEra Energy’s CO2 Emissions Rate Declines

The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions rate of NextEra Energy has fallen by one-third over the past decade as a result of significant investments in low- and no-carbon power generation, according to the company's 2010 Sustainability Report.

From 2000 through 2009, NextEra Energy's CO2 emissions rate declined from 985 pounds/MWh to 657 pounds /MWh. During that time, the company invested billions of dollars in building the nation's largest wind energy business and third-largest nuclear power fleet, while also adding a significant amount of new combined-cycle natural gas capacity. The end result is a CO2 emissions rate nearly 50% below the U.S. electric power sector average of 1,297/MWh, according to the report.

At the end of 2009, NextEra Energy had more than 7,500 MW of installed wind capacity. In the same year, the company generated 15.8 million MWh of electricity from its wind farms, compared with 12.2 million MWh from its largest nuclear plant.

Overall, 4.2% of the company's electricity was generated from coal, compared with an industry average of 45.4%. The company's investor-owned utility, Florida Power & Light, was No. 2 in the nation in cumulative electricity saved through demand-side management programs through the end of 2009. Through its investments in highly efficient combined-cycle natural gas generation, FPL has also dramatically reduced its emissions profile – the utility alone has a CO2 emissions rate 35% below the national average.

Over the past five years, the company has also invested more than $18 billion in clean-energy infrastructure, creating more than 60,000 direct and indirect jobs in the process.

SOURCE: NextEra Energy Inc.


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