Eagle Claw Fabrication, NIRE Enter Into Strategic Commercialization Initiative

Eagle Claw Fabrication LLC and the National Institute for Renewable Energy (NIRE) have announced a strategic research initiative to validate key areas of technology, such as the Talon Flange, which is a design of a patent-pending connecting flange ring that is employed by turbine manufacturers to bolt together the sections of large wind turbine towers.Â

After research has been performed validating the Talon Flange, NIRE plans to help commercialize the flange in a fully operational wind turbine generator.

Eagle Claw also has plans to build a 167,000 square-foot facility specifically designed for the construction of wind turbine towers at the International Port of Muskogee in Oklahoma. Eagle Claw expects to create approximately 175 jobs in the first phase of the project.Â

The site on which the facility will be built, consisting of approximately 47 acres, is within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Port of Muskogee, located at River Mile 393 on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. The site is adjacent to the port's railcar marshaling yard, connecting with Union Pacific Railroad.Â

Eagle Claw and NIRE intend to have Texas Tech University perform validation research for the Talon Flange. The parties have already developed a scope of work (SOW) to perform materials testing to validate the effectiveness of the Talon Flange. The parties anticipate beginning work under the SOW in the first quarter of 2011.

SOURCE: Eagle Claw Fabrication LLC


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