Dynex Signs R&D Funding Agreement

Dynex Power Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Dynex Semiconductor Ltd., has reached an agreement with its majority shareholder Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co. Ltd. to share the costs of carrying out research and development (R&D) projects for high-power semiconductor devices at the CSR Times Electric Power Semiconductor R&D Centre in the U.K.

Under the new agreement, CSR Times Electric will provide funding of 80% of the costs, and Dynex will contribute 20%.

The R&D Centre is expected to concentrate on developing new products and technologies to meet the growing demand for power semiconductor products both in China and globally. Key market sectors targeted will be wind power, railway transportation, smart grids and electric cars. Key products will be IGBT modules and high power thyristors.

The R&D Centre was formed in May to bring together the existing power semiconductor R&D activities of Dynex and CSR Times Electric into a single center.

SOURCE: Dynex Power Inc.


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