Acciona Introduces Avian, Bat Protection Plan

Acciona Energy has announced the formalization of its U.S. and Canada Avian and Bat Protection Plan. The company's internal plan sets guidelines that evaluate and address the impact that wind farm development has on wildlife and aims to help conserve the 1,007 species of migratory birds currently protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

The plan outlines the company's development policies for avoiding and minimizing avian and bat mortality rates, and will aid in employing methods to reduce those rates while maintaining renewable energy production.

Before construction on a project begins, Acciona says it will evaluate development sites to ensure that construction will not affect existing wildlife populations. The company will also conduct post-construction monitoring studies to ensure that existing projects are not interfering with wildlife in the area.

In addition, the plan will help guide management decisions that extend beyond development and into all phases of construction, operations, repowering and decommissioning. Additionally, this document will establish a baseline for identifying the need for future actions that may be required to avoid, minimize or mitigate impacts to avian and bat species, according to Acciona.

SOURCE: Acciona Energy


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