WindLogics Provides Improved Techniques For Integration

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St. Paul, Minn.-based WindLogics has completed an in-depth research and development project providing control room operators with more accurate wind energy forecasts compared to those obtained by using standard methodologies. The research also resulted in advancements in extreme-weather warning and improved techniques for wind-integration cost analysis.

The wind speed and energy forecast system, implemented across Xcel Energy's entire Minnesota generation footprint, provides increased accuracy with respect to National Weather Service forecast models at both one-hour and 24-hour marks. The high-wind warning system, also developed as part of this effort, allows users to more accurately predict large ramp events, allowing control room operators to confidently call up reserves, according to the company.

‘These new tools for wind energy forecasting and extreme weather visualization hold great promise for electric utilities working toward increased renewable energy,’ says Mark Ahlstrom, WindLogics CEO. ‘The ability to provide this kind of information to the control room in a way that makes it clear and relevant to the operator is critical, and more work will be done in the near future to extend the value gained through this effort to our customers.’

WindLogics, along with AREVA T&D, EnerNex and the Utility Wind Interest Group, conducted the project through an Xcel Energy renewable development fund grant.

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SOURCE: WindLogics

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