Wind Energy America Announces Three Executive Appointments

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Minneapolis-based Wind Energy America Inc. (WEA) has announced three executive appointments: Mel Wentz, incoming CEO; Brian Hill, incoming chief development officer; and Colin Jackson, incoming chief financial officer (CFO).

Wentz has over 30 years of diversified experience in engineering, construction, project development and financing of engineered facilities and power generation projects. He was first engaged as an advisor to WEA in September. During the period leading to his appointment as CEO, Wentz played an integral role in accelerating WEA's efforts to commission and operate its existing wind farm assets and in refining and implementing the company's wind energy development strategies and initiatives.

Hill joined WEA in September in an advisory capacity, focused on commissioning the company's existing wind energy assets in order to generate revenue and spearhead the development of new wind farm projects. Hill has 25 years of energy industry experience and was co-founder and chief development officer of Novairus Energy LLC, a wind energy development company.

Jackson also joined WEA in an advisory capacity in September, where he focused upon improving the company's management, financial and corporate structures and business strategy. Prior to WEA, Jackson was CFO of Novairus Energy.

SOURCE: Wind Energy America Inc.

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