Wildlife Acoustics Releases Song Meter SM2 Acoustic Monitoring System

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Concord, Mass.-based Wildlife Acoustics has released the Song Meter SM2 autonomous audio recorder and data-logging platform. Designed for rugged habitats, the SM2 combines low power consumption, high capacity and scheduling for long-term field deployments.

The new platform delivers integrated acoustic monitoring and data logging in a weatherproof and expandable design. The product is now capable of a greater range of applications, ranging from ultrasonic bat detection for the wind industry to underwater acoustic monitoring of fish and cetaceans.

New features of the Song Meter SM2 include twice the storage capacity, with four high-capacity flash card slots and an integrated temperature sensor and data logger. The device is also expandable to host a variety of microphones, as well as ultrasonic capabilities for recording bat and cetacean echolocation calls.

The SM2 terrestrial acoustic package is optimized for monitoring birds, frogs and other terrestrial wildlife vocalizing in the audio frequency range. The package includes the new SM2 expandable platform equipped with two removable weatherproof omni-directional SMX-II microphones.

SM2 can record up to 250 hours on a programmable schedule spread out through several months at a time. Longer deployments are also possible with an optional external power source.

For more information, visit wildlifeacoustics.com.

SOURCE: Wildlife Acoustics Inc.

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