VibrAlign Launches New Website Focused On Laser Shaft Alignment

Posted by NAW Staff on May 23, 2012 No Comments

VibrAlign says it is launching a new website – – to provide information for anyone involved in laser shaft alignment and flatness measurement of compressors. The website features three laser measurement systems with special features aimed at these users.

The laser tools are from Fixturlaser of Sweden, and include the XA Ultimate, XA Professional and GO Pro.

The Fixturlaser XA Ultimate comes packaged with all the hardware and software to measure and correct any misalignment of the rotating shaft of a motor connected to the shaft of a compressor, VibrAlign explains. It also measures the flatness of the top cover mounting surface of compressors, including Ariel compressors specified in ER-82.

The package also includes a T-21 sweep laser transmitter, RM bluetooth movable detector, Ariel frame templates with tolerances, and software. Measurement results are inserted into Ariel's ER-82 worksheet for correction values and sign-off when the specification is met, the company says.

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