Vestas To Collaborate With Methanol Producer On Wind Energy Development

Posted by NAW Staff on May 24, 2012 No Comments
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Vestas has signed an agreement with methanol producer Methanex to collaborate on global and regional wind power development.

Two years ago, Methanex used Vestas technology to develop the Cabo Negro Wind Power Plant in Magallanes, Chile, in order to increase energy security and ensure more sustainable operations through the use of clean energy.

The agreement between Vestas and Methanex defines the framework for further cooperation between both companies to establish a baseline for the development of future wind projects in or around Methanex's global production facilities; to support and advise Methanex in the development of new wind projects around the world; and to help build robust renewable energy regulations in Chile's Magallanes Region.

"Producing methanol is an energy-intensive process," notes Morten Albaek, senior vice president at Vestas. "With the Cabo Negro wind project, Methanex has shown both their creativity in finding a business model that reduces its consumption of natural gas and their commitment to act in an environmentally responsible manner."

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