Vestas Seeking Corporate Partners To Promote Wind Energy

Posted by NAW Staff on November 14, 2011 No Comments
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Vestas says it has launched a marketing campaign whereby it will collaborate with other corporations to encourage and demonstrate the benefits of wind energy.

The company will reach out to corporate decision-makers via LinkedIn and Bloomberg Businessweek to inform them about the brand-building and financial benefits of investing in wind energy. According to Vestas, corporations are part of the solution for climate change, and they are in the position to do more by investing directly in wind energy.

To maximize the deployment of wind energy worldwide, Vestas included corporations in this campaign that are already carbon-conscious and would have the most impact on the environment and drive the most consumer change if they choose to invest in wind, the company explains.

‘We have launched one of the most unique marketing campaigns to talk to the top executives and decision-makers from many Fortune 500 companies about the financial and brand-building benefits of investing in renewable energy – and, specifically, wind energy,’ says Morten Albaek, group senior vice president of global marketing and customer insight at Vestas.

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