Vestas Debuts New 2 MW Wind Turbine

Posted by NAW Staff on April 25, 2012 No Comments

Vestas has added a new wind turbine model to its 2 MW product line: the V100-2.0 MW VCSS (Vestas Converter Scaler System), which includes a partial-scale power converter.

The new model will increase the power capacity of the V100-1.8 MW model to 2 MW. It also moves the turbine from an IEC IIIA to an IEC IIB environment suited for medium-turbulence winds, Vestas says.

The V100-2.0 MW VCSS will also include an upgraded gearbox – manufactured at ZF in Gainesville, Ga. – that transmits higher power and torque in IEC IIB conditions. The turbine will have nearly double the access space from the tower to the nacelle, an integrated lubrication unit, and more up-tower repair options for the intermediate and high-speed stages, Vestas explains.

The company says it expects to begin manufacturing the new model in 2013. The 60 Hz turbine will be available in North America, Central America and South America.

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