Vestas CEO: South Korea Holds Big Offshore Wind Potential

Posted by NAW Staff on May 10, 2012 No Comments
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Vestas CEO Ditlev Engel says the South Korean market presents opportunities for the company's offshore wind business and that it will work to build partnerships with companies in the region.

‘We see a lot of similarities between our two countries,’ Engel says. ‘Both countries have clearly acknowledged that wind energy is a reliable and sustainable energy solution for the future.

‘In Denmark, the government has set a goal of achieving 50 percent of our electricity consumption from wind energy by 2020, and Korea is leading the way by systematically implementing policies required to spur green growth,’ he continues. "With the right policy frameworks in place, business will make the investments, take the risks and create the new business opportunities that the green economic transformation promises."

Vestas already has a history and presence in South Korea. The company has installed more than 200 onshore wind power turbines in the country since 1998, and almost 70% of installed wind power plants in the country are currently using Vestas wind turbines.

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