Versar To Conduct Bat Study

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Springfield, Va.-based Versar Inc. is conducting a study entitled ‘Spatially Explicit Bat Impact Screening Tool for Turbine Siting.’ This study will be performed in collaboration with Exponent, an ecological risk assessment firm.

The objective of the project is to develop a model that can be used to evaluate the potential for wind projects sited in different locations to impact bats, taking into account bat biology and behavior. Wind project impacts on bats has become a significant issue in many geographical locations, particularly where certain bat species are listed as threatened and endangered.

‘This project will expand on the work that Versar is currently doing for the state of Maryland's Power Plant Research Program to assess the environmental impacts of wind power projects and help us in pursuing similar work for other government and private clients,’ says Ted Prociv, president of Versar.

The study received funding from the Department of Energy.

SOURCE: Versar Inc.

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