Vaisala Rolls Out The Nomad 3 Data Management System

Posted by NAW Staff on May 12, 2015 No Comments

14210_wea-erg-nomad3-15828_small Vaisala Rolls Out The Nomad 3 Data Management System Vaisala has launched the Nomad 3 Data Logger, a portable data management device, to aid in efficient wind measurement campaigns.

Early siting and ongoing investment and operational decisions, based largely on the quality of wind resource data, have a direct impact on the long-term success of a wind energy project. However, the task of collecting and storing this data reliably and securely has not always been achieved in a cost-effective manner.

The Nomad 3 offers technological sophistication, such as a Linux operating system, and a smaller, lighter design while remaining incredibly flexible and straightforward to use. It is compatible with all market-leading wind sensors, affording developers far greater control over equipment choices and allowing them to contain excess costs with simple installation, low energy usage and remote configuration features.

The Nomad 3 Data Logger is an extension of the company's in-house wind industry business, which dates back to 1981.

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