University Installs Small Wind Turbine

Posted by NAW Staff on September 12, 2012 No Comments
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Indiana Tech has installed a wind turbine on its Fort Wayne campus in order to help engineering students learn about alternative energy sources.

The university notes that the wind turbine tower stands 120 feet tall, and the blades have a diameter of 26.5 feet. A turbine of that size is expected to generate between 700 and 1,000/kWh per month. The power produced by the wind turbine will flow back to the power grid and will be credited to Indiana Tech's electric bill.

Indiana Tech offers a bachelor's degree in energy engineering, and the wind turbine on campus will allow firsthand study of wind power. The operation of the turbine also will have applications in the mechanical engineering and electrical engineering programs.

A 2010 gift from the Steel Dynamics Foundation will cover the $110,000 cost of the equipment, installation and software for the wind turbine, the school adds.

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