Tri Global Energy Remains Hopeful For Renewables Under Trump

Posted by Lauren Tyler on November 17, 2016 No Comments
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In a statement regarding the impact that the new administration under President-Elect Trump will have on the U.S. wind industry, Tri Global Energy, one of the major U.S. wind energy development companies, has expressed hope for a stronger economy and expansion in the wind industry.

John Billingsley, chairman and CEO at Tri Global Energy, says, “There will be plenty of room for both renewables and fossil fuels.”

“The wind rush has been strong in Texas, where wind energy has grown faster than any other U.S. state,” he says. “Texas leads the nation in jobs in the wind industry and has received the most wind capital investment during the past 10 years.

“The new administration should light a fire under the economy through the processes of tax reform and spending millions of dollars on building infrastructure,” Billingsley says. “Supplying this increased demand for electricity will bring nothing but more growth and expansion to renewable energy. Wind energy is going forward. Period.”

Based in Dallas and founded in 2009, Tri Global Energy works to develop clean energy at an affordable cost through the development of wind and solar projects via its TGE Wind and TGE Solar companies.

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