TechnoCentre Installs Canada’s Tallest Weather Mast

Posted by NAW Staff on February 24, 2012 No Comments

The TechnoCentre eolien has commissioned Canada's tallest weather mast at its experimental site located in Riviere-au-Renard, Quebec.

Standing 126 meters tall, the mast is equipped with more than 30 weather sensors located at 15 different heights. The TechnoCentre says sensors will measure the weather characteristics near two wind turbines located on the experimental site.

The TechnoCentre says the mast will also help achieve a better understanding of cold-related episodes of underperformance and serve to measure the impact of the northern climate on the productivity of wind power stations; conduct research associated with the wind resource; and carry out studies on the detection and accretion of ice and atmospheric ice.

Using the data gathered, researchers will be able to establish links between icing episodes/cold climate and periods of underproduction. The presence of sensors at several different heights will also make it possible to characterize wind shear more precisely.

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