Siemens Releases Advanced Analytics Solution For Wind Power

Posted by Lauren Tyler on April 26, 2016 No Comments

Siemens Power Generation Services has debuted a new power-diagnostics platform called Siemens Digital Services for Energy that draws from the division’s Sinalytics architecture.

The technology, which is applicable to wind power and other energy sectors, is a suite of “intelligent knowledge systems” that combine algorithms, data analytics and machine learning with Siemens’ domain expertise to facilitate “solutions designed to meet customer needs for operational flexibility, plant performance, condition-based maintenance and more.”

Siemens notes that more than 300,000 devices are connected company-wide through Sinalytics. The Digital Services for Energy offering integrates data derived from those devices (e.g., field service data and global fleet performance data) with other sources, such as information about weather or fuel prices.

For instance, in the wind power sector, advanced analytics help operations personnel with areas such as vibration diagnostics and alarm notification and management. Siemens can remotely address 85% of alarms coming into its remote diagnostic center without visiting the turbines – which translates into higher availability and operational efficiency.

Also, data-driven upgrades such as Siemens’ High Wind Ride Through – a software tool designed to allow turbines to continue operating at reduced power in higher wind speeds – offer improvements in annual energy generation and reductions in high-wind-speed losses.

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