Senvion Research Partnership Tackles Turbine Icing Issues

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14914_thinkstockphotos-497664816 Senvion Research Partnership Tackles Turbine Icing Issues In partnership with Senvion Canada, the TechnoCentre eolien (TCE) – a Quebec-based center that supports wind industry development through research, technology transfer and technical assistance for businesses – is carrying out a project to optimize the control function of Senvion wind turbines in icing conditions.

The objective consists of maximizing energy production while minimizing risk to the structural integrity of the turbine and its components. The total value of the project is approximately $1.18 million.

Specifically, the project, to be conducted over the next three years, will help improve icing detection, validate the icing load and optimize the turbine's control parameter during icing events. These objectives will be achieved by means of a measurement campaign on no fewer than four Senvion MM CCV wind turbines that are currently operating at several wind farms in Quebec in moderate to severe icing conditions.

The turbines will also be fitted with additional meteorological instruments and icing sensors. Meteorological, operational, icing load and structural load data will be analyzed and correlated. The turbines' control function in icing conditions will be optimized based on the results of analyses and simulations.

The project benefits from a research subsidy of $448,032, granted by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to the Cegep de la Gaspesie et des Iles in liaison with the TCE. Senvion Canada also contributed $735,953.

‘Over the past few years, the TechnoCentre eolien has developed an expertise in icing characterization and video image analysis. Today, this expertise allows us to undertake this large and important research project with Senvion Canada, a trustworthy partner of TCE, with whom we have collaborated for a number of years," comments Frederic Cote, general manager of the TCE.

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