Sen. Harry Reid Releases Clean Energy Report Ahead Of Senate Vote On Renewable Energy Incentives

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U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has released a new report that details how Nevada's renewable energy economy has been aided by federal legislation focused on spurring investment in clean energy and the reform of policies that have accelerated clean energy projects on federal lands.

The report, ‘Playing to Win in Clean Energy,’ also illustrates the significant roles federal policies are playing in the commercial deployment of Nevada's clean energy resources and future steps that would most effectively drive immediate investment in Nevada's clean energy future.

The report comes at a crucial time, as the Senate is considering legislation to extend federal renewable energy incentives. In his report, Reid emphasized that these incentives are critical to the continuation of the success seen in renewable energy deployment.

"There are more renewable energy projects under construction today than at any other time in Nevada's history – that's a major accomplishment," Reid said. "The clean energy projects under way in Nevada did not happen by accident, and they did not happen overnight – and we must continue to ensure that Nevada realizes its clean energy potential. This means fostering more private-public partnerships and improving government and private-sector coordination and not eliminating critical job-creating tax credits."

The projects highlighted in the report are predicted to create more than 2,200 jobs and add more than $1 billion to Nevada's economy, according to Reid. The case studies and timeline presented demonstrate the critical role that important federal actions and state policies have played in the development of Nevada's clean energy economy.

According to the report, Nevada's wind energy resources could fulfill nearly 60% of the state's current electricity needs, but the ability to develop those resources depends on a number of factors, including renewable energy policy and regulatory hurdles.

‘Critical clean energy policies set at the state and federal levels have acted as catalysts for private development in Nevada," notes Lydia Ball, executive director of the Clean Energy Project. "Investing in Nevada's clean energy infrastructure is an investment in our economy, and several clean energy projects under construction demonstrate how public-private partnerships bring jobs and economic growth to Nevada."

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