Schneider Electric Enhances Lightning Tracking Solutions

Posted by Betsy Lillian on August 01, 2016 No Comments

Schneider Electric says it has made frontline enhancements to its weather intelligence platform, increasing the capabilities of its lightning tracking solution, that will benefit utilities and wind farm operators.

Schneider says it has added a user-searchable lightning inspection data archive for short- and long-term lightning damage analysis that will save both time and money.

Utilizing the best lightning detection networks in every region of the world, Schneider Electric’s WeatherSentry solution provides daily reports on potential lightning strikes against a set of critical assets, allowing utility and wind farm managers to pinpoint inspection and maintenance schedules. This reduces maintenance costs while also minimizing the risk that damaged assets will go unnoticed and cause greater issues down the road.

Additionally, this lightning inspection data archive, with powerful search and filter tools, gives users the ability to generate custom lightning data reports filtering a number of variables.

Access to this information supports a wide variety of critical business functions, including forensic analysis of past events for insurance claims and long-term analysis of lightning activity for smarter lightning-resilient infrastructure investment decisions.

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