Santa Clara University Purchases More Renewable Energy

NAW Staff
by NAW Staff
on July 20, 2007 No Comments
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Santa Clara University (SCU) has increased its investment in Santa Clara Green Power, the renewable energy program offered by Santa Clara, Calif.-based utility Silicon Valley Power (SVP). SCU's latest purchase raises its involvement in the program to 8,040 MWh of energy derived from new wind and solar generation sources in California.

A portion of SCU's Santa Clara Green Power rate will support new solar systems on facilities in the city of Santa Clara, such as Haman Elementary School and the Valley Village Retirement Community, the utility adds. The increased commitment level makes SCU the number-two supporter of SVP's program.

‘The university is thrilled that its environmental goals can be reached through a local community program,’ says Joe Sugg, assistant vice president for university operations at SCU. ‘The Santa Clara Green Power program presents the community with a wonderful opportunity to reduce its environmental impact by supporting clean, renewable energy.’

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