Report: Opportunities In Renewable Energy Storage Market

NAW Staff
by NAW Staff
on October 11, 2006 No Comments
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Dublin-based Research and Markets recently announced the availability of its latest research report, ‘Watts In Store – Storing Renewable Energy.’ This report analyzes the opportunities for European and U.S. technology vendors and the next generation of energy companies in the renewable energy storage market. Specific contents look at technologies that can be used to convert renewable energy for transportation or deferred use.
The report says that while wind energy is available outside of the solar belt and during darkness hours, it remains intermittent. Therefore, when considering the wide-scale use of renewable energy, providers must find a way to store that energy for transportation from one region to another and for deployment in a way that overcomes the intermittent supply. ‘Watts In Store’ conclusions find that companies with the resources to lengthen the alternative energy supply chain will be well placed in the energy market as demand for new sources of energy develops.

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