PSE’s Projects Will Increase Supply

NAW Staff
by NAW Staff
on August 22, 2006 No Comments
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Puget Sound Energy (PSE), the utility subsidiary of Puget Energy, is pursuing the acquisition of up to approximately 1,100 MW of long-term power supply from seven outside sources to meet the rising energy demands of its customers in the Washington state area.

The seven selected projects were among the 120 bids PSE received after releasing a Request for Proposals last year for up to 1,500 average-MW of new electricity resources. The projects include a large wind farm under development in Oregon, a geothermal facility planned in Idaho, three existing natural-gas-fired power plants in Washington, and two purchased-power agreements not tied to specific generating plants, the company says. If all seven projects are achieved, its current capacity of 4,200 MW of long-term power would increase by more than 25%.

‘We believe these resources can help us meet the rising energy demands of our customers at the best prices,’ says Eric Markell, PSE's senior vice president of energy resources. ‘What's more, several of them give us the opportunity to further increase the amount of sustainable electricity we provide to our customers.’

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