Powin Energy Launches Energy-Storage System For Wind Farms

Posted by NAW Staff on December 27, 2011 No Comments

Powin Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Powin Corp., has launched a new line of energy-storage products for the residential, commercial, industrial and utility markets.

Some of the features of the new energy-storage line include the following: utility-grade energy storage for wind and solar farms; a continuous renewable energy source for satellite phones, emergency lighting, mobile hospitals and temporary shelters; mobile and modular energy-storage systems for local government agencies during power grid outages; uninterruptible power supply to back up computer and communication systems; backup power for gas-powered generators; and scalable backup power for commercial and industrial parks.

Powin Energy's storage system relies on the company's LiFePO4 battery technology. Using Powin's proprietary software, the system can be remotely controlled and monitored via the Web. The battery management system is integrated into each battery pack for ease of configuration, the company notes.

The system can be incorporated into existing power systems – for example, as a lead-acid battery replacement, Powin Energy adds.

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