PLI Introduces New Automatic Lubrication Product

Posted by NAW Staff on May 25, 2012 No Comments

PLI LLC says it has added a new product to its reusable MEMOLUB automatic lubricator line.

According to the company, the MEMOLUB ONE LPS is a low-pressure, 240cc, single-point, self-contained automatic lubricator. The product features a precise metered lubricant injection, simple programming (one-, three-, six- or 12-month settings) and easy-to-change, replaceable lube cartridges.

The MEMOLUB ONE LPS utilizes the same positive displacement pumping system as the MEMOLUB HPS but – with reduced output pressure – is specifically designed for single-point lubrication. The MEMO system, which is used to set the programming of the MEMOLUB ONE LPS, eliminates the risk of inadvertently changing the lubricant output frequency setting, thus avoiding human error, the company explains.

MEMOLUB ONE LPS can be remotely mounted up to six feet from the lube point, PLI adds. The product has a three-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

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