Pennsylvania Is A Leading State

NAW Staff
by NAW Staff
on August 29, 2006 No Comments
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According to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell's office, D-PA, the state has doubled the purchase of green electricity to 20% of its needs, thus becoming the largest U.S. state buyer of power from sustainable sources.

The announcement came from Rendell's administration, which recently modified an existing contract with Community Energy Inc. – a unit of renewable energy manufacturer Iberdrola – to buy 200,000 MWh of electricity/year generated from renewable sources at a rate of 34 cents/kWh. The contract calls for electricity that is generated from wind power (40%) and from hydroelectric sources (60%).

‘Pennsylvania is providing solutions to some of our nation's most compelling problems – creating reliable sources of affordable energy, cleaning our air and waterways, and cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions,’ comments Rendell.

The administration adds that because of the contract, the emissions of carbon dioxide will be reduced by about 123,000 tons, sulfur dioxide by 951 tons and nitrogen oxide by 271 tons.

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