Marketplace: Condition Monitoring

Scheduling Corrective Action: How Does Next Tuesday Sound?

Condition monitoring systems can make owners aware of equipment problems so that repairs can be scheduled. But is there such a thing as an ideal time for alerts?

Project Profile: Pacific Wind

Piecing Together A Wind Farm One Land Lease At A Time

EDF Renewable Energy will not soon forget the many challenges encountered during the permitting and construction of the 140 MW Pacific Wind project.

Spotlight: Ontario

How Ontario Will Move Wind Development Forward

Despite recent tumult in Canada’s most populous province, wind energy remains an important part of Ontario’s energy mix.

Industry At Large: Capital Markets

How Wind Developers Raise Equity In Public Markets

Led by the likes of Pattern Energy Group and Atlantic Power, some wind companies are thinking outside the box when it comes to capital raising.

Marketplace: Tower Technology

OEMs Building Bigger, Better Mousetraps

Several recent product introductions alleviate some of the previous constraints to harnessing wind resources at taller tower heights.

Industry At Large: Operations & Maintenance

Lowering The Cost Of Energy: An OEM’s Perspective

Original equipment manufacturers can help wind farm owners and operators reduce the economics of all aspects of the value chain, not just the turbine.