Marketplace: Cranes

Got Cranes? It’s Not Too Early To Begin Planning

Recent IRS guidance for the production tax credit may have resulted in more time to complete projects. However, proactive firms should leave nothing to chance when it comes to crane procurement.

Industry At Large: Permitting

Creative Permitting Needed For British Columbia Wind Market

Crown-owned land in British Columbia covers 94% of the province, which makes development on private land an enigma for wind developers.

Industry At Large: Wind Farm Reliability

How Substation Maintenance Impacts Reliability

When it comes to reliability and wind farms, many people focus on the blades, generators and gearboxes. However, substations play an integral role in a wind farm’s operating performance.

Project Profile: Shepherds Flat

To Build A Monster, Developer Works In Thirds

To complete the 845 MW Shepherds Flat wind farm – the largest project to come online in 2012 – Caithness Energy carved up the massive project into manageable segments.