Industry At Large: Towers

As Towers Grow Taller, Consider Structural Impacts

With structures heading to new heights, understanding structural dynamics, frequency response, and the interaction between soil and structure is becoming increasingly important.

Industry At Large: Interconnection

Understanding And Assessing Subsynchronous Resonance

Subsynchronous resonance, which occurs due to the interaction between series capacitors and nearby wind turbine generators, has caused significant damage to wind power plants.

Marketplace: Bolts, Anchors & Tensioning

Using Anchor Foundations In Difficult Soil Conditions

Most wind farm foundations typically employ large spread-reinforced concrete footings. However, some soil conditions might dictate using an alternative.

Spotlight: Pennsylvania

An Overnight Success A Decade In The Making

After years of encouraging development, Pennsylvania had a record-breaking year in 2012. However, will the local wind sector become a victim of the state’s market-based approach?

Project Profile: Twin Ridges

What Happens When A Project Crosses State Lines

EverPower’s 139.4 MW Twin Ridges wind farm, completed in the fourth quarter of last year, stands as a lesson in patience and persistence.