Project Profile: Magic Valley Wind Farm

Developer Continues South Texas Migration

E.ON Climate & Renewables North America, the owner and operator of the Magic Valley Wind Farm, is quickly finding a comfort level in building wind projects near the South Texas coast.

Industry At Large: Project Finance/Offshore Wind

Why The ITC Matters For Offshore Wind

Financial models reveal that for offshore wind development, the investment tax credit is more beneficial than the production tax credit.

Industry At Large: RPS Fulfillment

How Low Electricity Demand May Impact RPS Fulfillment

Although most states are meeting their renewable portfolio standards, low demand for electricity is beginning to negatively impact the ability of some states to reach near- and long-term targets.

Marketplace: Wire & Cable

Protecting The Ties That Bind In Wind Turbine Applications

Because of outdoor exposure, cable ties used in wind turbines must be made of polymers that resist ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures.