Project Profile: Shady Oaks Wind Farm

With Illinois Project, Goldwind Signals Its Intentions

Goldwind USA used the Shady Oaks wind farm as a platform to demonstrate the effectiveness of its permanent-magnet direct-drive technology in the U.S.

Spotlight: Illinois

A Plan To Fix Illinois’ Renewable Portfolio Standard

Legislative changes are needed to close the loopholes that now exist in the mandate in order to ensure Illinois’ RPS works as intended.

Industry At Large: Levelized Cost Of Energy

LCOE Gains Can Offset Potential Policy Pitfalls

Despite the macroeconomic challenges in today’s power market, wind energy has achieved grid parity in several North American markets.

Industry At Large: Project Finance

How Fixing REIT Rules Would Help Wind Projects

As access to cheap capital becomes increasingly scarce, REITs could offer debt and equity at lower costs than other sources.

Viewpoint: Project Finance

Master Limited Partnerships: Setting The Expectation

Is the growing chorus trumpeting MLPs as an investment vehicle for wind energy justified or does more work need to be done?

Marketplace: Wind Assessment

Navigating The Complexities Of Wake Losses

The wind industry should be careful not to put too much trust in wake-loss models, as several factors can affect their accuracy.