Industry At Large: Siting

Visual And Shadow Flicker Impacts Pose Double Threat

Shadow flicker and visual impacts are among the most common siting concerns raised in communities. So, how can they be mitigated?

Spotlight: Vermont

Green Mountain Pushback: Sentiment Shifts In Vermont

Several factors, such as changing attitudes toward wind project development, have made Vermont an increasingly rigorous environment in which to permit and build wind projects.

Marketplace: Tools

Wind Turbine Tools Step Up In Class

Modern tool technology makes wind farm maintenance and operations simpler, safer, and more efficient.

Industry At Large: Turbine Technology

Turbine Advances Fuel Rise In Capacity Factors

From taller towers to more intuitive controller software, several technological breakthroughs have boosted wind turbine capacity factors.

Industry At Large: Wind Assessment

Why Atmospheric Stability Matters In Wind Assessment

Understanding atmospheric stability can help wind farm owners and operators improve predictions of wind speed, power production and the load on rotors and drivetrains.