Norex Reviews Wind Projects in Texas, Wyoming

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Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Northern Explorations Ltd. (Norex) is currently reviewing a portfolio of wind energy projects located in the Texas and Wyoming wind corridors.

The proposed projects bring together a variety of advanced and early stage opportunities, allowing Norex to develop projects encompassing a mix of project development stages, from permitting and licensing through to near completion. As part of its overall strategy, the company aims to acquire assets that are near-term in regards to a potential revenue stream.

‘With the resurgence of confidence in environmentally responsible energy production becoming increasingly backed by significantly renewed access to funding and other incentives, we feel that Norex Energy has a unique opportunity before it,’ says Mark Schaftlein, president of Norex.

Norex is working with an industry group that brings a reliable history in the wind energy sector in regards to the management of operations and logistics, as well as access to state and federal government contacts and procedures. Norex's strategic plan is focused on the rapid development of an effectively managed and convergent green energy company offering an aligned portfolio of both natural gas and wind power assets.

SOURCE: Northern Explorations Ltd.

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